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Scottish Parliament Elections 2021

Welcome to my bid to become the Cunninghame North candidate for the Holyrood elections in May 2021.  Please feel free to contact me on
if you have any questions
[if your would prefer a phone call or zoom meeting  then email me for details]
I feel members need the opportunity to re-engage with the party, influence the direction of travel and to work together to ensure the correct mechanism are in place for members to hold the party hierarchy to account and questions decision making."
"Never can I remember when things were politically so chaotic. The threat to democracy is real. The threat to our Scottish Parliament is real "
Equality & Fairness
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After being approached by a number of local SNP members encouraging me to stand I, after much thought and in the interest of local democracy and a long held belief that members deserve a choice, I agreed and feel the time is right for Cunninghame North to have a refresh - an MSP with a different style and outlook. 

One who has a proven track record of joint working with other elected members and local activists to forward our cause which will ultimately deliver our goal.

We need strong leadership, which I believe I have demonstrated, both in the in the various party roles and coordinating the independence campaign in villages and towns across Ayrshire and for no other reason than I believe you have to be the change you want to see.  I want independence and I am prepared to work with you for it.


I was born and brought up in Ayrshire and have lived and worked here my whole life.  I am an Ayrshire lass and that will never change.  I have connections with all the Ayrshire local authority areas but particularly in North Ayrshire; I have family connections; worked a number of years in the community throughout the area – so I am very familiar with the area and many of the socioeconomic issues - and lastly I’ve worked closely with many SNP and YES activists in that area before, during and after the referendum in 2014.


Previously, I helped shape the agenda both, locally initiating joint elected member meetings and nationally as someone who was given the honour of the important role of the MPs representative on the NEC – chosen by the MPs themselves in Westminster to be their voice at the party level, thus I have an insight into the workings of the party and would use that experience to improve the way we do things.


My two grown up children and a new grandson are one of the main motivations for putting myself forward in the political world - a world that is increasingly growing hostile which I believe needs challenged and needs to change if we are to succeed in creating a better, fairer, justice country.



With a broad background in the public, private and third sector along with holding political office as a Councillor and an MP I believe I have the skills, experience and knowledge that would enhance the role of MSP.  

2015-17 was an absolute privilege to represent the people of Ayr Carrick & Cumnock.  I’ll admit at times it wasn’t always easy, the negativity, the smears and the lies were hard. As rookie MPs none of us were prepared for the British establishment onslaught because suddenly we had become a threat to their precious union.  But hindsight is a wonderful thing and I have come out the other end stronger, more resilient and even more determined not to be silenced.

Track Record

I said in 2015 when I was standing for MP, that I am - and would be, the champion of the people and my track record, I believe, proves that …

  • In the english parliament I was the Disability Shadow Spokesperson – fighting the austerity measurers and the cruel PiP and universal credit policies the Tories were implementing

  • Through diligent casework I got nearly £350,000 in awards and backdates returned to constituents’ pockets and importantly into the local economy

  • In 2 short years, I dealt with over 7000 pieces of casework and enquiries way more than the majority of my MP colleagues and with nearly a 90% positive outcome rate

  • I was part of the welfare reform committee scrutinising and challenging the Tory austerity measures – particularly the 2 child cap and the rape clause - myself and Allison Thewlis were the first 2 MPs to highlight these despicable policies

  • I championed the WASPI cause and opened my office for the local group to hold their meetings

  • I fought the bank closures throughout the constituency leaving many rural areas with no access to money

  • I was part of the Ayrshire Growth Deal inception and in fact it was my idea to hold an Ayrshire event in parliament to showcase our wonderful region, something that had never been done before and was a huge success!

  • I was very vocal on trophy hunting – a despicable trade that unbelievably still goes on

  • I supported many with cases regarding benefits, wind turbines, broadband issues, A77, DWP office closures, and a wide range of other issues.  No one was turned away from my office.

  • I held debates, particularly on local issues like the HP Digital pension scheme – relevant to this area because it was a major employer and these people were losing out on their pensions

  • I was instrumental in saving the jobs at Guardian Surgical in Girvan and safeguarding the company future

  • I supported foodbank and Christmas toy appeals and in fact, in the first year, I made sure I was available with food parcels throughout Xmas and new year when the foodbank was closed and much more

As you can see, the constituency was very much at the heart of everything I did.  I already have many connections and working relationships with a number of organisations, business and groups across Ayrshire which will be beneficial for hitting the ground running if selected and elected.. 

And I am immensely proud of what I achieved in 2 short years as an MP.

I have a strong social media presence – a must in modern day politics - that again has been consistent and an excellent platform to get my message across, share my views and highlight issues.  Given the state broadcaster bias it is crucial we use whatever avenues available to us to push our message and interact with potential voters. I have always believed social media as an avenue for elected members to be held accountable and I have never shied away from the electorate. 



Tory and Labour are collapsing in front of our eyes but sadly we’ve seen too much infighting in our own party recently over different issues.  The reality is we should be making the most of this turmoil.

It’s a gift to us. We should be working together to take advantage of the current situation to further our aim of independence.

We are closer than we have ever been.  So close.

Those who have gone before us – our founding members - will be turning in their graves if we mess up this opportunity. Whilst we’re a diverse party with differing views and opinions our focus needs to be our goal of independence. Not each other! You don’t make your light shine brighter by blowing someone else's out.

The british establishment is our enemy and if you think the union is going to gift us independence you are very much mistaken, you only need to look at the history of the british empire to see exactly what they are capable of.  The TV only gives a glimpse of the reality of Westminster.  It is an absolute bear pit.  We are treated with disdain, as if we are irrelevant - in their eyes we are!

I am ready and willing to work with you to ensure we win our independence sooner rather than later


My commitment 

Whilst there are differences within the three local authority areas we share many of the same issues regarding poverty and deprivation, education and social care and there is also much that binds us such as culture, tourism, the food and drink sector and much more along with many people living and working in neighbouring local authority areas. 

My heart has always and will always be in Ayrshire and it’s the reason I feel passionately about representing this area because, in my opinion, our wee neck of the woods is all to often forgotten about.

Opportunities for all, fairness and social justice are my core values.

At this critical time - in our political history - in our movement’s history - we absolutely need a strong, experienced voice representing Cunninghame North, someone with the emphasis on working  collaboratively with you to achieve our common goal – I will be that voice; your voice
Over the years I have been consistent and relentless in my pursuit of our goal of independence since 2010… … I am not about to stop now.  

I’m asking you to vote for me to be your # 1 choice because I have the experience, knowledge, commitment and resilience, energy, enthusiasm, a proven track record and crucially the ability to get the job done!
Please vote Corri Wilson # 1 
With independence within our grasp … …
It’s time … for deeds not words
Its time … for progress not process
Its time WE make it happen


Contact me on :

Email -

Facebook - @CorriWilsonSNP

Twitter - @CorriWilsonSNP


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