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Promoted by Christopher McEleny, on behalf of Corri Wilson,  both 17 Forth Street, Glasgow.

Former SNP MP to stand for Alba Party at General Election


A former SNP MP will stand for election as an Alba Party candidate at this year’s General Election. 

After seven years away from the political arena, Corri Wilson, a steadfast advocate for Scottish independence, has announced her return to the forefront of politics, vying once again for the parliamentary seat in Ayr, Carrick & Cumnock.

A decade has passed since the historic independence referendum, yet progress towards our goal of self determination has been full of undelivered promises. Despite entrusting the SNP with successive mandates, the realisation of independence appears to be no closer, with local elected members show little inclination to advance the cause of independence.   Lingering frustrations underscore the increasingly urgent need for self-determination.

Corri’s unwavering commitment to the pursuit of independence has been the driving force behind her political activism, and this remains as fervent as ever demonstrated by the fact she has never stopped campaigning since the referendum. She believes that now, more than ever, Scotland requires a bold vision for the future, one rooted in autonomy and empowerment.

She is currently Depute General Secretary of Alba Party and was also previously an SNP Councillor. Her priority at the General Election is to ensure that voters in Ayrshire are given the opportunity to vote for a strategy that can deliver independence.

Speaking on her decision to re-enter the political fray,  Corri emphasised the pressing need to address key issues plaguing Scottish society. “We cannot afford to wait any longer. The SNP have lost their way.  It’s time to end the energy theft, eradicate poverty, ensure every citizen of Scotland has equitable opportunities, along with the prioritising of the protection of women and girls,”

Additionally, Corri underscored the critical importance of saving Grangemouth, Scotland's only oil refinery, from closure. "Grangemouth is not just an economic asset but a cornerstone of our energy infrastructure. Its closure would devastate communities and undermine Scotland's energy security with a ripple effect felt across Scotland. We must act decisively to protect Grangemouth and the livelihoods it sustains”.

With a renewed sense of purpose, Corri pledges to champion the cause of independence and as before, advocate tirelessly for the betterment of Ayr, Carrick & Cumnock, and Scotland as a whole. Her return to politics signals a reinvigorated push for real progress and a recommitment to the values of self-determination, social justice, and economic stability.

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