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As I watch my party in turmoil I’m highlighting to members that, if selected, I will be pushing for reform - a refresh on the party’s internal structure as I feel, at the moment, the cogs in the machine aren’t working.

We are a democratic party , one that has stood for equality and fairness - values I hold dear - not one that favours others due to their connections, friendships or location.

We need to create a nurturing, safe space for everyone to have an open and respectful debate. Where elected members are held accountable and questioned without this attack culture.


I want a party and party mechanisms that work for the benefit of not just the party, but importantly it’s members and crucially our end goal of independence.

Personal attacks, agendas and vendettas have no place in our party.


This stance is not new, it’s something I’ve pushed internally for a while so be assured if you select me to be your candidate, I will fight for everyone in the constituency, be a stronger voice for Scotland but I will also push for a better, fairer and more transparent party. One where we encourage each other to grow and move forward not tear each other down.


Vote Corri Wilson #1

A refresh in Cunninghame North

A refresh for the party


Contact me :

Faccebook : @CoriiWilsonSNP

Twitter: @CorriWilsonSNP

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