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Since emails are so restricted, here I am again having to post on social media. Infighting on social media does not sit well with me but I will not remain silent any longer whilst my name is tarnished.


I am astonished and disgusted at the National Secretary’s email to members yesterday. I don’t appreciate essentially being called a liar and whilst some members may not have grasped the spin in the email, for those in the know it was pretty clear.


Firstly, let me emphasise that if HQ had dealt with these complaints/allegations at the time, this whole sorry business would not be overshadowing this selection process.

The tone of the National Secretary's email and the content are questionable, under rules below, as he is clearly directing members towards bias of a particular candidate.

Who is ‘monitoring his conduct’?


Secondly, throughout this process, Patricia Gibson MP's behaviour has being appalling where she has continually broken selection rules of remaining impartial,

(See 9.3 National and local Party office bearers, acting in their official capacity, must not seek to influence the votes of members by recommending a vote for a particular candidate, or stating that their organisation is supporting a particular candidate


9.5 Parliamentarians and councillors must ensure that neither they nor their staff use parliamentary or council resources for campaigning)

on top of that she has actively attacked members and candidates and is using her position to influence members on how to vote!


Yet the National Secretary has the audacity to lump me into his 'montioring candidate’s conduct'...really? for highlighting something that is factual?!

I have adhered to every selection rule in every internal selection campaign I have participated in - and will continue to do so with pride.


So let me be clear,

  • statements from members ARE currently being taken by an external lawyer, FACT

  • at no point, did I mention in my statement the word 'investigation', but would love to know what the Nat Sec would call it?

  • at no point did I mention that this lawyer would be involved in decision making,

     but the fact still remains, it is happening RIGHT NOW, instigated by HQ, who       

     invited, I understand, members to contact this lawyer, so you can spin it any   

     way you want but that is the truth.

The questions that members should be asking the National Secretary is

1. why was this lawyer not offered to complainants 18 months ago? Which would have meant this would have been dealt with long ago?

2. to confirm statements are currently being collated by an external lawyer ?


I'm sure, however, that SNP members can see what's going on here and are capable of making up their own minds .


This debacle in my opinion, is another SNP distraction, trying to divert you away from the real issues. The SNP is not one individual, it’s a collective of people, who all work hard at elections.

During this selection campaign I have been consistent. Despite genuine misuse of email [not mine!] I have remained in the contest at all times and put forward to members the reason why I believe I should be their MSP and I have made no attempt to smear or slur other candidates, in fact I have played this contest by the book and my behaviour reflects the necessity for a respectful process - as I've said before, you don’t blow out someone else's candle to make yours shine brighter!

So to that end, I will be continuing with my positive campaign as a candidate that is strong, principled and prepared to stand up for what I believe in. Someone who is not afraid to raise concerns and highlight issues even if it is not popular.  


My vision for Cunninghame North is a refresh, an MSP with a fresh pair of eyes that can hit the ground running as an experienced parliamentarian who can appreciate what Cunninghame North has to offer and is willing to work with the constituents and stakeholders to obtain the best outcome.

My priority is independence and I believe the current and past SNP MSP group have had the opportunity through several mandates to deliver independence and failed, so it is time for new folk to pick up the mantle and make sure it does happen in the next 5 years.

We had enough of talking the talk, now we need to walk the walk - I don't ever promise something I can't deliver, but I do promise to fight with everything I have to ensure that referendum takes place.

I hope you have seen, I am not afraid of difficult situations - I kept going whilst others were silent. A strong voice will definitely be required post covid to deal with the additional pressures that are coming our way and that doesn’t include Brexit.

I hope you can see through the muddy waters and select me as your candidate.

Vote Corri # 1

For Cunninghame North

Experienced - Authentic - Independence Driven

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