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I’ve been asked by a few Cunninghame North members over the weekend about my political experience, so I thought I would share my experience and my journey thus far ... ...

The most important political experience I have is grassroots activism from many years campaigning in our communities.

I have pounded the streets, chapped the doors and spoken at local community groups and meetings across Ayrshire for both the SNP and Independence.

I have supported and been involved with many of the Ayrshire Indy groups and worked with cross-party and none in order to further our cause of independence.

I believe that out of all the political experience anyone can have the grassroots is the most important - listening to the members, the people at the heart of our community and each other, bringing as many people as possible along on our journey. Political experience is key in any elected role but it is diminished without the skill of listening, being a team player and remembering the fact that we are all equal regardless of elected status.

The Ayrshire Post described me as a “Well known local independence campaigner” A description I’m proud to accept, I am and have always been a strong, consistent Ayrshire independence champion and campaigner.

In the run-up to the 2014 referendum, I organised, amongst other things, a YES tour of the towns and villages in Ayrshire ensuring our message reached every corner of our patch with a host of speakers from all walks of life sharing their own vision of independence. I arranged the very first Women For Independence event in the area. I helped facilitate and run many stalls, speaking at events, press coverage and get out the vote, including a debrief after the end the campaign (something I do with all my campaigns) to learn from and thus make us stronger for the next campaign.

After leaving the count at 5am on the 19th September nothing short of distraught, I encouraged 150 activists to attend our campaign party that night in the town hall - it is the best thing we could have done! Spending the night with like minded people and although there were a few tears at the beginning, by the end of the night we came out stronger and even more committed to the cause - so much so, we were back on the High Street the very next morning. Hangovers and all ! Nothing has changed since then and I will continue to put the work in until we reach our goal and Scotland is free.

Over the years I have acted as a mentor and sounding board for many new members, activist and elected members. I firmly believe that we can learn for each other and grow together as individuals, branches, and as a party.

Collectively we will win !

My political experience within the party has been varied but crucially always active. I don’t just talk the talk, I walk the walk!

During my time as an MP I was elected to be the MP representative on NEC - I was humbled they put their trust in me to be their voice.

This gave me an understanding and insight into how the party works.

As an active member in my branch I have undertaken many roles throughout the years. My working knowledge of the party, its structures and constitution is something which I believe is a necessary foundation to fix what’s not working, listen to the membership and move the party forward in a positive, independence focused direction.

As shadow Disability Spokesperson in Westminster I relentlessly put pressure on and highlighted the Tory’s cruel policies that plunged many into poverty and despair. My 20 years DWP experience was put to good use fighting draconian welfare reform with benefit cuts, the rape clause and the appalling narrative of benefit scroungers.

I supported the WASPI campaign and opened my office to allow the local group to meet. It goes without saying that I dealt with a plethora of local issues which I am pleased to say had an 80%+ success rate.

More information on my work can be found here

I was vice chair of the All Parliamentary Group on Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery.

I have experience of being an elected member at council level and as an MP, both roles have provided much insight and given me the chance to create many relationships with different groups, organisations and business. Building up skills in lobbying for the benefit of the people of Scotland and the community but also experience in promoting us on the worlds stage - highlighting we’re big enough, smart enough and have enough resources to be taken seriously as one of the leading countries in the world.

Internationally, I have spoken in the middle east, New York and at the UN, promoting Scotland and showcasing her amazing attributes as well as listening and learning from others. I am always blown away by how the world see us, in the words of Burns, “O wad some Power the giftie gie us, to see oursels as ithers see us!"

Rest assured, if selected, I will work with each and every one of you to make sure our dream of independence is actually delivered in this parliamentary term.

It. is. Time

Any questions?

Contact me :

Facebook : @CorriWilsonSNP

Twitter : @CorriWilsonSNP

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