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Women’s Rights

It goes without saying that I support hard fought for women’s rights - which still have some way to go.

I share the concerns voiced by many women and these concerns along with others need to be part of a reasoned, respectful debate.

Does that make me ‘anti’ anything - absolutely not! If I’m honest I dislike ‘labels’ of any sort - as they exist in my opinion to divide.

Surely it’s not inconceivable we can work together, taking on board all concerns and agree a positive outcome. It goes without saying women need to be actively involved in any decisions about women’s issues.


I am and always have been open to new ideas, policies but they need to be taken through the correct procedures to obtain a democratic outcome. Argumentative, targeted, nastiness in social media is not the way to gain consensus.


I am disgusted at the attacks that go on just because someone doesn’t agree with your view point. Even within hours of my intention to stand there were folk angry on Twitter, make assumptions on what they think I think 🤷‍♀️ based on zero knowledge.



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